How to install Pentastic into Galaxy Note 9 and 10

October 15, 2020 | Android Tutorial | Lex

Samsung’s Good Lock modules are a popular way of customizing Galaxy devices, and a new one for the Note series is sure to be just as well received. Pentastic lets you personalize the look of the various UI functions relating to the lineup’s iconic S Pen, including the Air Command menu, pointer, and more.

For the Air Command UI, there’s a more compact version that doesn’t waste space by explaining what each of the buttons does, as well as versions that organize the options in circles or with different icons. For the hover pointers, there are plenty of fun designs available such as sloths, dinosaurs, or hearts. There’s also a more traditional computer pointer if you want that retro mouse look, and you can change the size too.

Pentastic also allows you to change the sound the S Pen makes when you pull it out of the Note or replace it. Finally, the app can enable a customizable double-tap shortcut so you can decide what happens when you hold down the S Pen button and double-tap the phone’s screen. That one could potentially be the most useful of Pentastic’s features.

The app works with the newer Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra and last year’s Galaxy Note10 series.

How to Install Pentastic on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and 10

You can also use the Nice Lock App, which is an alternative for the Good Lock App. For you to enjoy all the features, your device must be One UI 2.5 enabled. For devices with One UI below 2.5, some of the Pentastic App features are not available for them; features like changing the pointer’s form, selecting sound for the S Pen, and the double-tap option. To download Pentastic using Nice Lock, follow this step.

  1. Go to Play Store
  2. Search for the Nice Lock App
  3. Tap on Install
  4. Launch the Nice Lock App after the installation
  5. Scroll down to find the Pentastic App and tap on it
  6. It will take you to the Module Installation Page
  7. Tap on the Open Support Thread option that appears on the page
  8. Scroll down to the APK Mirror website
  9. Scroll down to find the Pentastic App and tap on the download icon
  10. Tap on the Download APK and select Open
  11. Before it opens, an option of Install appears. Tap on it
  12. If there are any permissions, the need to be granted, allow.
  13. After installing, you can open it

How to Bypass Restrictions and Install Pentastic

For Pentastic to work, you have to install Good Lock on your Galaxy Note S device, and this is how to do it:

  1. Start by removing any sim card from your phone
  2. Tap on the Galaxy Apps and hold it to open App Info
  3. Select Clear Data under the Storage sub-menu that appears
  4. Install VPN. Use the free VPN provided and choose the location either as India or the US
  5. Then open the App Store
  6. On the search engine, type Good Lock and tap on Install
  7. Put back your sim card after installation to use your phone as usual
  8. After installing Good Lock, you can now easily install the Pentastic App. To install Pentastic
  9. Open the Good Lock App
  10. Tap on Family tab
  11. Select Pentastic
  12. It will direct you to Galaxy Store from where you will download and install it.

Download Pentastic (1.0.16) from APK Mirror or from the Samsung Galaxy Store

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