Download Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool

September 9, 2020 | Android Tools | Lex

The Mi Unlock Tool is a small software tool to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi smartphones or tablets! It is officialy made by Xiaomi China and you need it if you want to root your phone or install any custom ROMs or modifications.

Back in the old times, Xiaomi started as a company who did not lock any of their phones! MI-phones were unlocked and pre-rooted, so the customers had the chance to do what they want with their devices. Times have changed and now Xiaomi has a lot of problems with fake phones and bad resellers, who install malware to the devices before they ship them.

In 2016 Xiaomi decided to lock their phones to prevent those resellers from such illegal actions. But as a customer, you know have to unlock your Mi-phone if you want to install any root, custom ROM or modification. The Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool is here to help you with that …

Download Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool


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