Download Apple’s colorful new iPhone 12 wallpapers right here

October 14, 2020 | Download | Lex

Like every year, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini offer a new collection of slick wallpapers for you to use. We’ve extracted the new wallpapers directly from iOS 14.1, and you can download them for your iPhone model below.

The new iPhone 12 wallpapers continue Apple’s colorful design language with new options in blue, black, green, red, and white to match the iPhone 12 colors. There are light mode and dark mode variants. These are live wallpapers when set through iOS 14.1 on an iPhone 12, but there is unfortunately no easy way for us to share the live mode versions.

iPhone 12 Dark Wallpapers

iPhone 12 Light Wallpapers

Download iPhone 12 Dark and Light Wallpapers

Filename: iPhone 12 Dark and Light

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