Download Alliance Shield X : The Free Samsung Package Disabler That Works Without Root

January 15, 2021 | Android Download Tutorial | Lex

Bloatware is one of the very few things that I do not like about Android. I get it, OEMs need to make money. But it would be great if the users are at least given a way to uninstall the programs that they do not intend to use. As if installing the apps without user consent is not bad enough, the users are not even given control to remove them from their devices.

Apart from the bloatware, Samsung also comes preloaded with so many system apps that are not useful to most people. Over the years, in the name of adding more features and functionality, Samsung has grown a habit of dumping their OEM Skin, OneUI (formerly TouchWiz), with all sorts of apps and services.

We used to have many apps that help uninstall or disable unwanted apps and services on Samsung devices – most of them are paid. But over time they stopped working on most phones. Some were even removed from Google Play Store.

Thankfully, now we have a Samsung Package and App Disabler app that works flawlessly on all Samsung devices. The app is called Alliance Shield X and is free to download on Google Play Store. But it may not be available in all regions.

You can download the app from the below link:

As per the user reports, the app works great on OneUI 2.0, OneUI 2.5, and OneUI 3.0 as well.

You need to create an account in order to use this app. Go here and register for an account before proceeding. (It’s totally free).

How to use Alliance Shield X to Disable Apps on Samsung

  • Step 1. Download the Alliance Shield X from Google Play Store or from DroidMirror if it is not available to install in Google Play Store.
  • Step 2. If you had downloaded the APK file from DroidMirror, simply install it like any other normal APK file.
  • Step 3. Open the App once installed. You will be asked to provide Device Admin privileges to the app. Grant the same.
  • Step 4. Next up, you will be asked to enable Knox Permissions to the app – grant it.

  • Step 5. Once you are in the app main screen, click on the App Manager and tap on any app or service you want to disable.

  • Step 6. Simply tap on the DISABLE button in the following screen to disable the app or service.

And you are done. Alliance Shield X helps you disable Samsung Apps or Services in just one click.

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